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Riding SunLine

1. Plan your trip.

The system map and bus schedules are available to download and print. For additional information, call Customer Service (1-800-347-8628) and a friendly Representative will assist you in planning your trip, and answer questions you may have regarding riding the bus.

bus stop2. Wait for the bus.

It is best to be at the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Check the bus stop schedule to be sure that the bus serves the stop and that it is traveling in the direction you want to go.

As the bus approaches, wave to the Operator. This gives the Operator enough time to stop safely and avoid passing you.

3. Board the bus.

Before getting on the bus, verify the route number by checking the sign on the front or side of the bus. Let passengers get off the bus before you board.

To make boarding easier, every SunBus is equipped with lifts or ramps for people who have trouble climbing stairs or use a wheelchair.

4. Pay your fare.

Please have your exact fare ready before boarding the bus. Operators do not make change.

For passenger convenience, a Day Pass can be purchased from the farebox. This pass allows unlimited rides for one full day! Transfers are also purchased from the farebox. A transfer is good for two hours of unlimited rides in any direction. You can also ride the bus using a 10-Ride Pass or 31-Day Pass.

5. Take a seat.

The seats nearest the driver are designated for seniors or the disabled. If you choose to sit in these seats and are not a senior or disabled be prepared to move if needed. For your safety, always remain seated or hold onto the poles when the bus is moving.

6. Get off the bus.

Pull the yellow cord above the window or push the vertical strip on the side of the window to signal the bus operator that you want to get off at the next bus stop. Major intersections and transfer locations are automatically announced.