SunLine Transit Agency Expands Zero Emissions Fleet with Addition of the Latest FC7 Battery Dominant Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus

Nov 8, 2017

(Thousand Palms, CA)  SunLine Transit Agency – which was the first public agency in the country to commit 17 percent of its fleet to emitting zero tailpipe emissions – is expanding its zero emissions fleet once again with the latest prototype to advance the industry – the FC7 Battery Dominant Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus.  This addition continues SunLine’s history of incorporating the most clean and efficient technology into its revenue service.

The FC7 Battery Dominant Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus includes:

• Transit tested, heaviest-duty 100% stainless steel Axess low-floor bus structure, designed and built in the USA

• Proven BAE HybriDrive Propulsion System with millions of transit revenue miles

• Choice of hydrogen Fuel Cell or scalable fuel cell/battery dominant configurations

• Electrified subsystems including air compressor, A/C unit, passenger doors, cooling fans and power steering

SunLine Transit Agency has been leading the front on alternative fuel buses and is on a clear path to an all zero emission fleet. The Agency has developed a reputation for taking on “firsts” in the industry –from being the first transit agency to convert its entire fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas in 1994 to putting into service the first fuel cell bus in 2000.

“SunLine has a longstanding commitment to the environment with the continual development of our clean fuels fleet,” said Lauren Skiver, CEO/General Manager of SunLine Transit Agency. “The Agency has invested in nine generations of hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and the addition of FC7 Battery Dominant Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus continues our efforts to do our part to ensure our natural resources are preserved.”

Partners with SunLine Transit Agency in this endeavor include Creative Bus Sales, CalStart, the Federal Transit Administration, the State of California Energy Commission, BAE Systems, ElDorado National, ENC, REV Vehicles for Life and US Hybrid.

SunLine served as the test bed for fuel cell technology development, hydrogen fueling infrastructure, and commercial operation of fuel cell buses.  As a result, SunLine Transit Agency commercially operates over a quarter of the nation’s fuel cell buses partially on renewable hydrogen produced on its property.  

The executive leadership at SunLine Transit continues to encourage industry and fellow sister agencies to support the commercialization and diversification of zero emission buses. The Agency plans to continue to expand its zero emission fleet until it can provide completely emission-free public transit to the region it serves – the Coachella Valley. 

That level of dedication is one of the reasons SunLine Transit Agency is being honored with the Transit Innovation Award at the 2017 Annual California Transit Association (CTA) Conference and Expo. The Transit Innovation Award was created by the CTA to recognize outstanding innovation, a program or service that has demonstrated innovative concepts, effective problem-solving techniques or promotes a positive image of transit in the community that benefits public transit in general. SunLine will be presented with the Transit Innovation Award at the conference tomorrow morning, November 9, 2017.

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About SunLine Transit Agency

SunLine Transit Agency is a joint powers authority formed in 1977 to operate the Coachella Valley’s public transportation system. Its fixed route and paratransit vehicles travel more than 4 million miles per year, covering over 619 bus stops located throughout a 1,120 mile-service area, carrying approximately 4.82 million riders. SunLine offers fixed route bus service and curb-to-curb paratransit for the mobility impaired. SunLine Services Group regulates three taxi franchises who provide taxi services throughout the valley. SunFuels alternative fueling stations offer compressed natural gas and hydrogen for SunLine and the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.