September 3, 2023 Service Change Information

SunLine: Your Ride to the Future



SunLine continues to evolve services in order to enhance the experience for riders, including streamlining its fixed route network and establishing both a new regional line and on-demand rideshare. As SunLine continues to adjust services while offering cutting-edge, zero-emission technology and other clean energy initiatives, a new theme has emerged: SunLine Transit Agency is Your Ride to the Future.


What to expect in September 2023

10 Commuter Link

Schedule Update

The 10 Commuter Link's last westbound trip to begin at 3:50PM instead of 2:50PM. Change implemented to better serve CSUSB’s bell times. The 10 Commuter Link does not run on weekends or certain holidays. 

10 Commuter Link New Schedule September 2023 Service Change



Coachella Zone

SunLine’s on-demand rideshare service that is booked using an app is now offered in a total of seven (7) zones. One (1) of these geo-fence areas has expanded as of Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the Coachella geo-fence. The maps for all seven (7) SunRide zones can be found on our SunRide page.

Want to ask the SunLine team a question? There are multiple ways riders can connect with SunLine about the upcoming changes:

You can also utilize any of the above contact methods to request that a paper copy of the May Rider’s Guide be sent to your mailing address.

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