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Accessibility F.A.Q.

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Where Does SunBus Go?

SunBus is a system of 15 public bus routes that link the valley from Desert Hot Springs in the northwest to North Shore in the southeast. Line 111 is the major trunk line that extends east and west along Highway 111. Please refer to current schedules for route information. All buses are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate two wheelchair spaces per bus.



Where Does SunDial Go?

SunDial provides on-demand curb-to-curb paratransit service to qualifying clients within 3⁄4 of a mile on either side of SunBus fixed-routes. ADA Paratransit service is not provided to the Line 95 service area. In the Line 95 (North Shore) service area Sunline Transit Agency operates on a deviated fixed route basis so that all persons including persons with disabilities and limited mobility are able to travel on the bus. This means that buses operate along a fixed route and follow a set schedule. Buses can deviate up to 3⁄4 of a mile either side from their set route in the North shore area if a rider makes a request. After deviating from the route, buses return to the same point and continue their run. Passengers must call and request this service the day before service is desired in the area. Call 1-866-311-7433 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. no later than the day prior to day of travel. 


When Does SunBus & SunDial Operate?

SunBus and SunDial operate every day of the year, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. SunDial service hours mirror SunBus fixed-route hours except for the Line 95 where the local bus deviates and the Commuter Link 220. These hours will vary by route. 


If I Am Not Able to Ride SunBus, How Do I Qualify for SunDial?

All persons requesting ADA certification must complete an application and provide the necessary documentation to determine eligibility. Eligibility decisions are made within 21 days of receipt of the completed application. SunLine will provide presumptive eligibility for applications not processed within 21 days of receipt. Applicant will be able to schedule and use SunDial beginning on the 22nd day until such time that a written determination is issued. Applications are available at the SunLine Transit Agency office in Thousand Palms, via mail by calling Customer Service at 1-800-347-8628 or online at

Eligibility is not based solely on physical disability. Consideration is given to whether and how the disability impairs an individual’s mobility. Under the ADA, a disability alone does not automatically qualify a person to use SunDial Complementary ADA Paratransit Service. A person who lives within 3⁄4-mile of a fixed-route must be functionally unable to get to or use the fixed-route bus service to qualify to use the SunDial ADA Paratransit Service.

Complimentary ADA Paratransit Service is provided to the following three general groups of persons with disabilities:

  1. Persons who have specific impairment-related conditions which make it impossible (not just difficult) to travel to or from the bus stop.

  2. Persons who need a wheelchair lift or ramp and a wheelchair lift-equipped vehicle/bus is unable to deploy its lift/ramp in a particular location due to physical constraints of that particular bus stop.

  3. Persons who are unable to board, ride, exit or otherwise navigate the fixed-route bus system, even if they are able to get to a bus stop.

Your ADA card may indicate you have CONDITIONAL, UNCONDITIONAL or TEMPORARY eligibility.

  • Conditional means you can use SunDial only under specific conditions. Clients not complying with their eligibility restriction may be subject to review and possible suspension or a change in their eligibility status.

  • Unconditional means you have unlimited access to SunDial. This does not restrict you from using SunBus. ADA qualification also allows you to pay half-fare on SunBus.

  • Temporary means you are eligible for SunDial service on a temporary basis.


How Do I Make My SunDial Reservation?

Once your reservation is made, request a confirmation number and the Reservationist's name. If you are on hold, do not hang up. Calls are answered in the order they are received. 

Call SunDial Reservations at 1-866-311-7433, seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Be prepared to provide the Reservationist with the following information:

  1. Your first and last name

  2. Your ADA ID number

  3. Your home address

  4. Your home and cell phone numbers

  5. Your exact pick-up location (example: 123 Your Street)

  6. A telephone number at your pick-up location

  7. Your exact drop-off location (example: 456 Destination Street)

  8. Your requested pick-up time

  9. Your mobility device and type (wheelchair, scooter, etc.)

  10. If you are traveling with a PCA or companion 

How Far In Advance May I Call To Schedule A Ride?

You may request a ride up to 7 days before your desired pick-up date and time. 


May I Request A One-Way Trip?

Yes. You may make a one-way trip reservation. However, should you need a return trip without a reservation you will have to wait until a vehicle is available to pick you up. This may take several hours from the time you call before the vehicle arrives.


When Will I Be Picked Up?

The vehicle may arrive up to 20 minutes before to 20 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If you are not at the pick-up point within 5 minutes of vehicle arrival, the operator may leave without you. The vehicle is not considered late until 20 minutes after your assigned pick- up time. 


How Do I Negotiate A Pick-Up Time?

You may request a pick-up for anytime during regular SunBus operating hours for the areas you are traveling. If you have to be at a specific location at a specific time, give that information to the Reservationist. Always allow extra time on both your pick-up and return trip. If your requested pick-up time is not available, the Reservationist may offer a pick-up time up to one hour before or one hour after your request. 


What or Who May I Bring With Me?
Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

A Personal Care Attendant may travel with you free of charge. They must be traveling with you to help with specific tasks, not to just keep you company. They must also be traveling with you from your point of origin and going to your destinations. Notify the Reservationist of their presence when scheduling your ride.


You may (if space is available) travel with up to two companions, who will be charged the applicable fee.


If your child uses SunDial and is five (5) years or younger, an adult must accompany the child. Please be sure to inform the Reservationist when scheduling a trip that a child client will be traveling with an attendant. All eligible clients, regardless of age, must pay the fare. Children, four (4) years or younger, traveling as companions of eligible clients, ride free.

It is the responsibility of the parent or companion to secure children in safety seats as required by California law. SunDial does not provide child safety seats. Additionally, infants or small children must be held on your lap, when using fixed-route service. Strollers must be folded and clear of the aisle.

Service Animals and Pets

Always inform the SunDial Reservationist if you are traveling with a service animal. As a courtesy, bring a towel or blanket for your service animal to lay on. Non-service animals may travel on SunDial if they are in a properly secured cage or container and do not jeopardize the health or safety of other clients or the operator.

REMINDER: Please be considerate of clients who may be fearful of dogs or other animals. You may be required to remove the animal if the animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or if the animal is out of your control.

Mobility Aids

In order to send the proper vehicle to accommodate your needs, SunDial Reservations must be informed of any personal mobility devices you may be using while traveling. A description of the device you use should be a part of your SunDial client record. If you change devices, please immediately notify SunDial staff.

Carry Ons

Customers are permitted to carry on three medium-sized packages or grocery bags that they are able to manage independently without the assistance of the driver. Due to space limitations and the time it takes to board the vehicle, the number of shopping bags is restricted to those that can be easily handled by the client without delaying the vehicle. Clients and companions may not transport items that may be hazardous to themselves, the operator or other clients. 


How Much Will My Ride Cost?

Your fare is based on the distance you travel. The Reservationist will tell you the fare at the time you schedule your trip. Please call for reservations at 1-866-311-7433.

Travel Within One City: $1.50 Travel Within Multiple Cities: $2.00 


Where Should I Wait For The Vehicle?

The SunDial driver will pick you up at the curb of a public street, in front or – or as close as possible to your house, building or other designated pick up location that is safe. Door-to- door/origin to destination service is available for riders with disabilities requiring enhanced assistance. Requests for enhanced assistance MUST be made at the time of booking your trip. Please watch for the vehicle, as the driver will wait no more than 5 minutes for you to come out for your ride. SunDial drivers are not permitted to enter private driveways. 


How Do I Board The Vehicle?

Bus Operators must provide assistance to clients getting on and off the vehicles. SunLine makes every attempt to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters or other personal mobility devices. These devices must be no more than 30 inches wide, 48 inches long and 600 pounds in total weight (including your weight). Mobility devices larger than this may be denied service aboard SunLine vehicles, due to safety and liability concerns. 


Wheelchair and Mobility Device Securement

Federal and State Law requires all SunDial clients use securement (seatbelt and shoulder harness) devices while being transported on all vehicles. The operator will ensure that all clients are secured prior to transporting and will assist with securement and removal of these devices. SunLine is very concerned for your safety. SunLine will make every attempt to accommodate all wheelchairs, scooters and/or other personal mobility devices, as long as the device fits on the lift or ramp, can be safely loaded and does not exceed the safe weight limits of lift or ramp given by the manufacturer.


What Are The Rules of Conduct?

SunLine rules of conduct ensure the safety and comfort of all clients and operators:

  • Clients must use seatbelts provided in all vehicles.

  • Smoking and eating are not allowed on SunDial and SunBus vehicles. Non-alcoholic beverages in sports bottles or other securely closed containers ONLY.

  • Clients must maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

  • Hold infants or small children on your lap on fixed-route service. Infants and small children must be secured in approved child safety seats on SunDial service. Strollers must be folded and clear of the aisle.

  • Pets (except for service animals) must be in cages.

  • Keep feet and carry-on items out of the aisle.

  • Cellphones, Radios, CD players or other sound equipment must be turned off or headphones used as a courtesy to other riders and to prevent distracting the driver.

  • Abusive or obscene language or actions are prohibited.

  • Riding while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.

  • Weapons and firearms are strictly prohibited.


What If I Miss My Scheduled Pick-Up?

Always confirm the exact location where you want to be picked up to avoid missing your ride. When you schedule a trip and fail to use the service without proper cancellation, you are considered a "No-Show." SunLine Transit Agency reserves the right to suspend service for clients who have repeated No-Shows. Clients have the right to appeal all suspensions within 30 days of notice. For an explanation of the appeals process and an appeal form, please call Customer Service at 1-800-347-8628.


What If My Ride Is Late?

If your ride is later than 20 minutes past your pick-up time, please call SunDial Reservations. Our staff is dedicated to helping SunDial clients with immediate service needs, including ensuring no one is stranded away from home.


How Do I Cancel or Change My Reservation?

If you cannot take a scheduled trip, call SunDial Reservations immediately and cancel your ride. Trips not canceled at least two hours before the scheduled pick-up time, will be considered a No-Show. If you need to change any part of your reservation (for example: your destination, your return pick-up time or place), you must confirm the change with a SunDial Reservationist. Operators are directed to follow their assigned travel schedules.


What Information Does SunDial Need On File?

In order to provide you with the best service possible, please be sure to keep all of your permanent information up to date. Immediately notify Customer Service, at 1-800-347-8628, if you change your:

  • Name
  • Home address or mailing address
  • Home and cell phone numbers
  • Mobility device 


Lost & Found

SunLine is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. If you leave an item on a SunLine vehicle, call 1-800-347-8628 to report it. SunLine will notify you if the item is located. You may schedule a ride at normal fare to pick up the item at our administrative offices in Thousand Palms. Lost and found items are disposed of after 90 days. 


Other ADA Provisions

SunLine certified ADA clients are also eligible for Dial-a-Ride service while visiting other areas. You may ride for a total of 21 service days per year in other areas you travel. (Longer periods require you to qualify with these agencies.) Please call the service provider in the area you will be visiting to make arrangements.

The Access Advisory Committee is comprised of community members to assist SunLine in providing and expanding innovative public transit services to the Coachella Valley. For more information, call 1- 800-347-8628.


Reasonable Modification

SunLine Transit Agency (SunLine) is committed to providing high quality transportation services that are safe, efficient and effective to its customers. SunLine is committed to making reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure programs and services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Requests for modifications can be made by calling SunLine at 760-343-3456 or 800-347-8628. You can also e-mail

SunDial Reservations


7 days a week - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SunLine Transit Agency 32-505 Harry Oliver Trail Thousand Palms, CA 92276


SunLine Transit Agency Travel Training

Travel Training is available for customers who need assistance using The Coachella Valley bus system. Training is provided by a professional instructor at no cost, and all training is tailored to the individual customer’s particular needs. With Travel Training instruction, some disabled customers may be able to learn how to use accessible buses. Please call SunLine at 800-347-8628 for more information about Travel Training.


Consejos para montar

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¿Cómo puedo montar SunLine?
  1. Planifique su viaje. El mapa del sistema y los horarios de los autobuses están disponibles para descargar e imprimir. Para obtener información adicional, llame al Servicio de Atención al Cliente (1-760-343-3451) y un Representante amigable le ayudará a planificar su viaje y responderá a las preguntas que tenga sobre el uso del autobús.
  2. 80 IndioEspera por el bus. Lo mejor es estar en la parada de autobús unos minutos antes de que el autobús esté programado para llegar. Compruebe el horario de parada de autobús para asegurarse de que el autobús sirve la parada y que está viajando en la dirección que desea ir.
  3. A medida que el autobús se acerca, saluda al Operador. Esto le da al Operador suficiente tiempo para detenerse con seguridad y evitar pasarle.
  4. Subir al autobús. Antes de subir al autobús, verifique el número de la ruta revisando el letrero en la parte delantera o lateral del autobús. Deje que los pasajeros bajen del autobús antes de abordar.
  5. Para hacer el embarque más fácil, cada SunBus está equipado con ascensores o rampas para las personas que tienen problemas para subir escaleras o usar una silla de ruedas.
  6. Pague su tarifaPor favor tenga la tarifa exacta antes de subir al autobús.  El conductor no da cambio.
  7. Para la conveniencia de nuestros pasajeros, usted puede comprar un pase de día “Day Pass” directamente de la caja de tarifa.  Con este pase usted puede viajar todo el día con viajes ilimitados.  El pase de transborde “Transfer“ se compra en la caja de tarifa.  El “Transfer “ es valido por dos horas, con viajes ilimitados en cualquier dirección. Usted también puede usar el pase de 10-Viajes “10-Ride Pass“ o el pase de 31-Días “31-Day Pass” cuando viaje en SunBus.

  8. Tome un asientoLos asientos cercas del conductor están designados para personas de edad avanzada o discapacitadas. Si usted elige sentarse en estos asientos y no tiene alguna discapacidad o no es de edad avanzada, esté preparado para moverse si es necesario. Para su seguridad, siempre manténgase sentado o deténgase de los postes cuando el autobús esté en movimiento.

  9. Bajar del autobús. Tire del cable amarillo por encima de la ventana o empuje la franja vertical en el lateral de la ventana para indicar al operador del autobús que desea bajarse en la siguiente parada de autobús. Las intersecciones principales y las ubicaciones de transferencia se anuncian automáticamente.
¿Tiene algún consejo?

Llegar a la parada temprano. Lo mejor es llegar a su parada de autobús al menos 10 minutos antes de tiempo. Tenga en cuenta que más de una ruta de autobús puede servir la parada de autobús donde usted está esperando. Siempre lea el headsign del autobús antes de abordar.

Tener tarifa exacta. Puede usar monedas y / o billetes en dólares, pero nuestros buzones no pueden hacer cambios. Por supuesto, si tienes un pase, puedes simplemente deslizarlo. NOTA: Los peniques no son aceptados.

Organice su dinero en efectivo. Trate de usar cuartos en lugar de monedas pequeñas y asegúrese de aplanar billetes de dólar, incluidas las esquinas, antes de insertarlas en el buzón. Si está usando un pase de Senior / Disabled asignado, haga que su verificación de identificación de tarifa reducida esté lista para mostrar al conductor cuando llegue al autobús.

Compra un pase. Si planea utilizar el autobús todo el día, puede comprar un pase de un día desde el operador del autobús. Si está pagando una tarifa reducida, tendrá que mostrar la identificación adecuada para el operador del autobús. Revise la sección de tarifas reducidas para obtener más detalles.

Niños menores de 5 años. Los niños de cinco años y menos viajan gratis con un cliente que paga los gastos. Límite: tres niños por cliente en efectivo.

Utilice la puerta delantera. Siempre suba por la puerta principal. Todos los autobuses SunLine son accesibles para personas con discapacidades.

Señale al conductor. Cuando el autobús se acerca a su parada, tire del cable de señal o toque el timbre del autobús para notificar al operador del autobús. Espere a que el autobús se detenga completamente, luego salga por la puerta trasera.

¿Cómo uso el Farebox & Passes?

Cash Pass


Once onboard the bus, deposit your cash fare in the farebox, one dollar or one coin at a time. The Operators do not make change and there are no refunds. Please have exact change ready before boarding the bus.


Farebox Pass


This next part describes how and when to “SWIPE” a pass and when to “DIP” a pass.

Day Pass: Pay, collect your pass and ride – “SWIPE” all other rides that day.

Transfer: Pay upon boarding, collect your transfer and ride – “SWIPE” other rides in a 2 hour period.


Outlet Pass


31-Day Pass: “DIP” for the first ride – “SWIPE” all other rides during 31 consecutive days.

10-Ride Pass: “DIP” for each 10 rides.

Day Pass: “DIP” for the first ride – “SWIPE” all other rides that day.



  • Drop coins in the coin slot one at a time to avoid jamming the fareboxes. 
  • The farebox will beep when a cash fare or a pass is accepted. 
  • The farebox will say “coin not accepted” if a coin inserted was not accepted. 
  • If you hear a WARBLE sound, it means the farebox was unable to read a dollar bill that was inserted in the dollar bill slot. If the farebox WARBLES again, it means you must insert a different dollar bill. 
  • If a pass or transfer has expired, the farebox will say “card not valid” or “transfer not valid”. 
  • A Day Pass bought from the farebox is already activated and does not need to be dipped into the farebox. It must be swiped for each ride that day. 
  • A Day Pass or 31-Day Pass purchased from a Pass Outlet or SunLine must be dipped in the farebox to activate then swiped for each use. 
  • A 10-Ride Pass must be dipped in the farebox each time it is used. After the tenth (10th) ride, the pass will no longer be valid and will not be accepted. Purchase a 25¢ transfer when boarding if more than one route is needed to complete the trip. 
  • Always take care of your passes and transfers. Remember, do not wet, wrinkle, crinkle, fold, laminate, write on, tear or expose them to the sun as the farebox will not accept them. If pass or transfer is not accepted, a cash fare must be paid to ride the bus.


Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Taxis

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¿Que tengo que hacer para obtener un permiso de taxi cab?
Usted primero debe de ser empleado o contratado por una compañia de Taxis.
Una vez que halla sido contratado, llame a SunLine Regulatory Asministration para poner una cita.
Las horas de oficina son de Lunes a Viernes de 8 a.m. a 5p.m.
Cuando se presente a su cita, usted debera traer lo siguiente:
  • Licencia de Manejo.
  • Reporte de los ultimos 10 años de manejo el DMV (para nuevos aplicantes)
  • Intencion de Contratar.
  • $50 en efectivo o tarjeta de credito para el pago del permiso.
¿Soy un cliente y siento que mi viaje fue mas largo de lo usual. Que debo hacer?
Obtener el nombre de la compañia de Taxis y del Chofer que proveo el servicio a usted. Si es possible, tome nota del numero de taxi y la hora en la que sucedio .
Llame al numero de servicio al cliente de SunLine Regulatory para hacer un reporte acerca de su viaje. Servicio al Cliente 1-800-347-8628 de 8 a.m. a 5 p. m.
¿Con que frequencia se inspeccionan los taxis para la seguridad del cliente?

Loa taxis deben pasar la inspección anual de la agencia ASE de mecanicos certificados.. Además, tambien son seleccionados al azar para realizarles una inspección por la Administración Regulatoria de Inspectores de SunLine aun cuando esten esperando pasajeros para darles servicio.

¿El costo de la tarifa del taxi es negociable?
Absolutamente. Si tiene previsto utilizar un servicio de taxi y desea negociar una tarifa con el conductor, la mayoría de los conductores aceptarán una tarifa negociada.
¿Hay entrenamiento para conductores de taxi?
La mayoria de las compañias de taxis ofrecen entrenamiento a sus conductores una vez que son contratados. El entrenamiento  varia de compañia a compañia.
¿Quién califica para el Taxi Voucher Program?
  • Personas de 60 años ó mayores

  • Personas con discapacidad.

¿Cómo puedo aplicar para el Taxi Voucher Program?

EN PERSONA: Presente la solicitud completa del Taxi Voucher Program a nuestra Oficina Administrativa ubícada en 32-505 Harry Oliver Trail, Thousand Palms, CA, de lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m.  Usted debe presentar prueba de edad ó discapacidad actual.

CORREO ELECTRÓNICO: Someta la solicitud completa del Taxi Voucher Program junto con prueba de edad ó discapacidad actual y una foto actual de color a  Se le tomara una fotografía

POR CORREO: Envíe la solicitud completa del Taxi Voucher Program a SunLine Transit Agency 32-505 Harry Oliver Trail, Thousand Palms, CA 92276. Favor de incluir prueba de edad ó discapacidad actual y una foto actual de color.

Por la mas informacion, llamando al 1-760-343-3456

¿Qué documentos necesito proveer para calificar para el Taxi Voucher Program?

Prueba de edad ó discapacidad actual

Personas de 60 años ó mayores necesitan uno de los siguientes:

  • Licencia de conducir o identificación para personas mayores
  • identificación con foto actual (no vencida) emitida por el gobierno con la fecha de nacimiento.
  • SunLine Half-fare I.D. Card

Solicitantes con discapacidad necesitan uno de los siguientes:

  • identificación con foto actual (no vencida) emitida por el gobierno con la fecha de nacimiento.
  • Tarjeta de Medicare
  • SunLine ADA Certification Card
  • Sunline Half-Fare I.D.
  • Carta de concesión de SSI
  • Carta de concesión de SSDI
  • Carta de la Administración de Veteranos verificando el mínimo de 50% de incapacidad
*    Formulario de verificación de discapacidad medica: Este formulario debe ser completado y firmado por su médico. (Physician Verification of Disability Form*)



¿Cuándo puedo comenzar a utilizar el programa?

Una vez que la solicitud sea aprobada para el programa, SunLine le enviara por correo la tarjeta de Taxi Smart Card.

Usted debe agregar una cantidad de dinero en la tarjeta. No es tarjeta de crédito. Hasta $75.00 dlls. se puede añadir cada 30 días. SunLine luego duplicara la cantidad de dinero que usted agrego  a su tarjeta Smart Card, lo que le proporcionara paseos de media tarifa en taxi hasta $150.00 cada periodo de 30 días. El saldo máximo permitido en una tarjeta en cualquier momento es de $450.00.

¿Como puedo agregar una cantidad de dinero en mi tarjeta Smart Card?

Puede agregar dinero en la tarjeta por teléfono, llamando al 760-343-3456 con Visa/MasterCard o enviando un cheque o money order por correo a la dirección de abajo. También puede pagar en efectivo en persona en la dirección de abajo. Permita de 7 a 10 días de trabajo para recibir la cantidad dinero en su tarjeta Taxi Smart Card. Por favor no envíe dinero en efectivo. Asegúrese de incluir su nombre, dirección y número de teléfono.

SunLine Transit Agency
32-505 Harry Oliver Trail
Thousand Palms, CA 92276

¿Cuáles agencias o compañias de taxi aceptan la tarjeta de Taxi Smart Card?

Su tarjeta Taxi Smart Card es aceptada por las tres franquicias de taxi del Valle de Coachella; American Cab, Desert City Cab y Yellow Cab of the Desert.

¿Como le pago al conductor del taxi?
Los taxis están equipados para aceptar la tarjeta Smart Card. Pase su tarjeta Smart Card para pagar su tarifa.
¿Cómo le doy propina al conductor del taxi?
La propina debe ser pagada en efectivo. La tarjeta Taxi Smart Card no se puede utilizar para pagar la propina.
¿Hay una fecha de vencimiento del valor de la tarjeta Smart Card?