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SunRide is a microtransit service available in eight (8) Coachella Valley zones connecting riders to the fixed route network or to a single point of interest along a fixed route network in the designated zone. Riders can plan, book and keep track of their trips all from one application, the SunRide app, which will call for a SunRide vehicle to pick them up within walking distance of their specified location and drop them off at a bus stop or point of interest within the designated zones.

Trips can be scheduled ahead of time or on-demand.

Hours: SunRide is available Monday-Friday 5:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Fare: $3 and includes a free transfer to SunLine local routes 1-9. 

Be ready. Vehicles depart briefly after arriving at the pick-up point noted by the app.

Riders using SunRide cannot be guaranteed an ADA-compliant vehicle unless specifically requested when booking.

SunRide safety protocols include:

  • Partition between passenger(s) and driver
  • Wipe down of interior spaces between rides
  • Nightly disinfecting fogging of vehicle

How to Share the App


How SunRide Works:

Request a Ride: Anyone within the service area boundaries can summon a ride using the SunRide mobile app. Simply enter in your destination address. You can also schedule a ride ahead of time. 

  1. Go to your app store and search “SunRide” to download the app. Click to download: Google Play - Apple App Store
  2. Open the app, create an account and set up your payment options. This is a free account, and your information will not be shared, however, you will need to include your mobile phone number if you would like to receive text message notifications.
  3. Confirm your pick-up location and select your drop-off location. These must be within the service's designated zone shown on the map. Change your pick-up time by scheduling a later date (up to two days in advance) and selecting a new time and date to schedule your ride ahead of time. 
  4. Select the number of passengers with you,. If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle,  specify in "special instructions." Tap "Request Ride" when ready. 
  5. Follow your ride in real time to stay informed on your ride status, your driver’s name and the vehicle identification number. Do not get into a vehicle that does not match your SunRide driver description on the app. 

SunRide FAQs

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What is an on-demand rideshare service?

An on-demand rideshare service is a mobility solution where passengers can book a ride that connects riders to SunLine’s Fixed Route Network as well as other stops within a defined zone. Trips can be scheduled through the SunRide mobile app or by phone when the ride is needed or up to seven days in advance.

What is SunRide?

SunRide is the name of SunLine’s on-demand rideshare service, which is available in eight (8) Coachella Valley zones. Customers will be able to request an on-demand ride through the SunRide mobile phone app – which can be found and downloaded in a mobile device’s App Store – or by calling Customer Service at 760-343-3450.

What zones is SunRide available?

SunRide is currently available in Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs/Desert Edge, Indio, La Quinta, Mecca/North Shore, Palm Desert and Palm Springs (effective 11/2024). 

Why isn’t SunRide available in my neighborhood?

SunLine identified the chosen neighborhoods based on the greatest need to connect to its fixed route bus system. This is a pilot project, and SunLine is regularly evaluating the expansion of the service to additional zones within the Coachella Valley. We are also seeking additional funding partners to enhance this service.

How do I book a SunRide trip?

SunRide can be booked by downloading the SunRide app at the Google Play store or the Apple App store, or through SunLine’s website. Customers need to set up an account using their name, phone number, email address and payment information.  You may also book your trip by calling 760-343- 3450. 

How can I find out where I can go using SunRide?

All stops are identified in the SunRide app, and they include medical facilities, grocery stores, parks, libraries, schools, bus stops and more.

What are SunRide’s hours of operation?

Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

What is the expected wait time for my SunRide pick-up?

Wait times may vary, especially during peak hours.

Where can I get picked up by SunRide?

Customers may get picked up from any bus stop identified as a SunRide stop or a virtual stop defined in the geo-fenced zone which is a short walk from their location within the zone.

Where can I get dropped off by SunRide?

You may get dropped off at any one of the bus stops identified as a SunRide stop or virtual stops within the defined geo-fenced zone.

Can I travel between SunRide zones using this service?

No. Each geo-fenced zone is designed to connect riders to the bus route and businesses that service each specific zone.

When should I book my SunRide trip? Can I book in advance?

This is an on-demand service and wait times may vary. If you are a planner, you may book your trip up to seven days in advance.

Can I hop on a SunRide vehicle at any time?

No. This is an on-demand service which means you need to book your ride through the SunRide app or by calling Customer Service at 760-343-3450.

Can I track my SunRide pick-up in real time?

Yes. One of the great advantages to this service is that the app will allow you to track your ride in real time so you will know when your ride will be arriving.  You are also able to message the driver if there is a question or delay.

What is the cost of the SunRide fare?

SunRide is $3.00 per person, per trip and includes a transfer to a fixed route bus (Routes 1-9). A ride is trip is defined as a pick-up and drop off within a defined zone.

How do I pay the SunRide fare?

You may pay the $3.00 fare directly through the SunRide app when you enter your credit/debit card payment information. If you don’t have a credit/debit card, you may purchase a reloadable credit card. You may also pay the fare in cash at the beginning of your trip. If paying by cash, you’ll need the exact amount of the fare as drivers will not be permitted to offer change. If you are transferring to or from a fixed route bus, be sure to let your driver know so he/she can give you the free transfer.

Can I share my SunRide trip with my spouse or friends?

Yes. You may indicate the number of people traveling with you in the SunRide app when booking your trip. Please remember the fare is $3.00 per person, per trip and includes a transfer to SunLine’s Fixed Route Network. 

Are bus transfers available?

Yes. SunLine’s on-demand rideshare service is just $3.00 per person, per trip and includes a bus transfer (Routes 1-9).  

Are any discounts available on SunRide?

No. SunLine’s on-demand rideshare service is an independent fare.