Using the Farebox and Passes

Cash Fare: Pay and Ride

Deposit your cash in the farebox, one dollar or one coin at a time. The Operators do not carry change and no refunds will be issued. Please have exact change ready before boarding the bus.

Passes Purchased from the Farebox

Day Pass: Pay, collect your pass and ride – “SWIPE” all other rides that day.

Transfer: Pay upon boarding, collect your transfer and ride – “SWIPE” other rides in a 2 hour period.

Passes Purchased from a Pass Outlet or

Commuter Link 30-Day or SunBus 31-Day Pass: “DIP” for the first ride – “SWIPE” all other rides during 30 or 31 consecutive days.

10-Ride Pass: “DIP” for each of the 10 rides.

Day Pass: “DIP” for the first ride – “SWIPE” all other rides that day

How to Use the Farebox

  1. Drop U.S. Coins int he slot.
  2. Insert U.S. Bills in the slot.
  3. Insert your card into the slot the first time you use it. This will activate your card. * 10-Day Passes get inserted every time.
  4. SWIPE your pass every time after to pay your fare and ride the bus.
  5. Customer Information.
  6. Rejected coins slot

Fareboxes are not able to make change or issue refunds. EXACT CHANGE ONLY.

Sunline Farebox Diagram