Your Guide to SunLine Refueled

SunLine Transit Agency launched "Refueled" in phases in 2021. 

SunLine Refueled included a number of exciting new transit options for its riders:

  • The Consolidated Fixed Route Network
  • SunRide 
  • 10 Commuter Link 


Here are some tools and quick links to help you navigate SunLine Refueled.


This animated tour of SunLine Refueled shows how to take advantage of the new services and all they have to offer:


Connect directly to SunLine's apps to plan your trip, purchase your fare and book SunRide if you're located in one of its 4 pilot zones:

myStop Mobile – This app puts real-time bus information and trip planning into your hands. The myStop® Mobile app that shows the number of riders on any given bus in real-time. 

TransLoc – For those located in SunRide zones, this app helps you schedule a ride.

Token Transit – Download this app to pay your fare electronically using your debit or credit card.

SunLine Rider's Guide – Service is currently operating at Level 3. 

SunLine Refueled Mini Guide – Learn about the different services of SunLine Refueled and how they are making trips easier across the Coachella Valley.


All routes were introduced on January 3, 2021 except for Route 5. Route 5 is a weekday only service that does not operate during Level 3 service.

Click here for route maps


Using the Transloc app, call a SunRide vehicle to pick you up at a destination within the designated zones and/or bus stops.

SunRide Zone Details


SunLine looked at opportunities for more regional connections for Coachella Valley residents and created a new commuter link route. 

10 Commuter Link Details

SunLine Refueled FAQs:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SunLine Refueled.

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Why was SunLine Refueled necessary?

Transit Agencies are constantly finetuning their schedules and services. However, due to new technologies and to include proper outreach, it is necessary to take a "big picture" look as an Agency. This allows us to create bigger and more meaningful changes and ensures we aren't leaving certain services behind. 

What is a Consolidated Fixed Route Network?

Network consolidation is a nationwide trend of reducing the number of bus routes to increase efficiency, coverage, and convenience. That means more buses where you need them and when you need them. 

How is SunRide different from any other service?

SunRide is a microtransit service that greatly increases your access to our bus routes and your destinations. By using the app TransLoc in one of our first four service areas, you schedule a vehicle to pick you up and take you to your local bus stop or a destination in the service area along your nearby bus route.

Will the 10 Commuter Link be for business commuters only?

Not at all. In fact, two of the five stops are directly at college campuses. The Commuter Link is named to reflect its hours of operation (Weekdays during AM and PM peak travel). The commuter link is a great resource for anyone wishing to go to any destination west of the Coachella Valley. 

How can I take advantage of these new services and feel safe to ride public transportation following the COVID-19 health crisis?

SunLine recognizes the importance of cleanliness during these times and its relationship to riders feeling safe. We have implemented enhanced cleaning protocols for all of our vehicles, bus stops and facilities. Our full Ride with Confidence – Delivering Clean Transportation Inside and Out page provides details.

Do you have a print out for FAQs?

To see all our FAQs, click here. PDF icon Refueled FAQ Sheet.pdf


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