Become a Bus Driver

Where can your career take you?

Becoming a Bus Driver is your first step in discovering a life-long career.  Great pay, benefits, room to grow and no experience required. Salary Range $15.30 – $24.40, plus benefits. 

Is this job for me?

If you answer "YES" to all of the questions below, this job might be for YOU!

  • Do you enjoy interacting with a large number of customers every day?
  • Are you able to report to work on time, every day, regardless of traffic or other conditions?
  • Are you comfortable learning to operate a large vehicle in all types of weather and traffic conditions?
  • Are you able to work flexible hours?

Steps to Join SunLine Transit Agency as a Bus Driver

Step 1 – Obtain K-4 Driving Record  (Visit your local DMV)

Step 2 – Create Government Jobs Account.

Step 3 – Apply. You’re at the right place.

Step 4 – Interview. Select applicants will be invited for interviews.

Step 5 – Job Offer.

Step 6 - Background Check. (Drug and alcohol)

Step 7 – Begin your 6 week paid training.

Apply Now

What is a K-4?

Is it your driving record, that will include:

  • Identifying information: name, gender, and address
  • License number, classification, status, and expiration date
  • Points, DUIs, fines, suspensions, and revocations
  • Traffic violations and convictions, like information speeding and traffic tickets
  • Accidents
  • You must visit your local DMV office to obtain. No website copies accepted.