Customer Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety of all passengers, SunLine Transit Agency reserves the right to remove and/or deny service to any passenger who poses a threat to the safety of themselves or others.

  1. Don't touch the operator. We will prosecute offenders.
  2. Provide I.D. when asked by the operator.
  3. Operators are not allowed to give free rides.
  4. Do not attempt to board the bus at places other than a bus stop.
  5. Fold-up seats and seats directly behind the operator are intended for seniors and passengers with disabilities.  Be prepared to move at the operator's request.
  6. Stand clear while the operator deploys or stows the wheelchair ramp/lift.
  7. Be patient while operator secures wheelchairs.
  8. No smoking (including electronic devices) or eating.  
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages in sports bottles or other securely closed containers ONLY.
  10. Riders must wear appropriate clothing (shirt, pants, shorts, dress, and shoes) while riding. Riders wearing clothing with offensive or obscene pictures or sayings will be asked to cover or remove these articles of clothing or will be required to leave the bus.
  11. No changing of clothes or diapers.
  12. Keep your feet off the seats.
  13. Bus may not transport more bikes than rack capacity.
  14. Do not talk to the operator, when the bus is in motion.
  15. Remain seated, when bus is in motion.
  16. No standing forward of the yellow line, while bus is in motion.
  17. Hold infants/small children on your lap.
  18. Small pets (except service animals) must be secured in cages designed for carrying animals on public transportation.
  19. Passengers may bring up to 3 medium-sized packages or grocery bags.
  20. Passengers must be able to lift and carry their own packages without assistance from the operator.
  21. All carry-on items must be kept out of the aisles.
  22. Strollers and shopping carts must be folded and kept out of the aisles.
  23. No bags containing recyclable bottles or cans.
  24. No hazardous items. 
  25. No alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind.
  26. No graffiti or abuse of seats or windows.
  27. No abusive or obscene language or actions.
  28. No panhandling and soliciting.
  29. No harassing or intimidating other passengers.
  30. No loud music. Please use headphones to enjoy your music.
  31. Please exit through the rear door.
  32. Let the bus depart before crossing street.

Surveillance equipment on SunLine vehicles is used for your protection and 
for the prosecution of crimes against SunLine Transit Agency.

Report vandalism & other crimes: 1-800-347-8628