Take the Rideshare Challenge for Rideshare Week October 2-6 to see if SunCommute is right for you! Here's how:

1) Create a Profile on Click here ( to register with IE Commuter to qualify for incentives

2) Log Your Commutes: Each time you have completed a rideshare commute option as listed above, log it as part of your profile to qualify for $5 per day starter incentive, up to $125 redeemable in an Amazon gift card.

3) Consider Ridesharing Your Long Term Commuter Option: If you discover ridesharing is saving you money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle, consider continuing it long term. It helps improve air quality and the environment, too!


SunCommute is SunLine Transit Agency’s transportation demand services for commuters. SunCommute helps participants save money on gas and insurance, as well as wear and tear on their vehicles, while improving the environment and their personal mental health by avoiding the stress of driving and traffic.

Residents of the Coachella Valley have several rideshare options available to them:


With over 575 bus stops throughout the Coachella Valley, plus SunRide on-demand ridesharing in seven zones, there are very few places in the Coachella Valley you cannot get to with SunBus. Click here to plan your bus trip.


In partnership with IE Commuter, if you have as little as one other person to share a ride with to work, you can be a carpool and enjoy the benefits of IE Commuter’s $5 per day starter incentive, up to $125 redeemable in an Amazon gift card, just for logging your rides. Additionally, IE Commuter offers ride matching and a guaranteed ride home program so you’re never stranded should an emergency occur. 


When your carpool reaches 5 people, or you have a group of 5 people on a similar shift, then SolVan, SunLine’s vanpool program would be an excellent option.  A great benefit of SolVan is that Sunline offers a $450/$550 monthly subsidy to offset the vehicle lease cost.   


Each SunBus has a bike rack, which makes biking to work an option for many. You can be matched with others to bike with, see bike maps below. 


SunLine helps employers establish and implement Employee Rideshare Programs.  For more information about this program, visit the SunCommute Employer Rideshare Program.