SunLine Transit Agency Introduces Ride with Confidence Campaign, Featuring Sanitizer Stations on All Buses

Jul 21, 2020
(Thousand Palms) – SunLine Transit Agency has launched the Ride with Confidence campaign delivering clean transportation on the inside and outside. There are six components to the Agency’s continued efforts, including (1) the installation  f hand sanitizing stations on each bus, (2) rigorous enhanced daily disinfecting procedures for all buses, (3) mandatory face covering requirements for all passengers and bus operators, (4) complimentary face coverings for passengers who have indicated a need, (5) the myStop® Mobile app that shows the number of riders on any given bus in real time, and (6) rides provided on cutting edge alternative fuel technology buses.
SunLine has completed the installation of hand sanitizing stations on each bus in service on the roadway. Critically, the hand sanitizer is Ethyl Alcohol anti-microbial based. The sanitizing stations are available near the rear entrance/exit allowing passengers to use it when entering or exiting the bus. They were installed as part of SunLine’s ongoing commitment to keeping passengers healthy, and to promote safety on the bus.
Since March of 2020, SunLine has followed a meticulous two-step cleaning and disinfecting procedure that includes fogging with a hospital-grade disinfectant through each bus’s HVAC operating system. Every night, each bus undergoes this treatment.
Since early April of 2020, in an effort to promote social distancing, SunLine became one of the first transit agencies in the country to require rear-door boarding on all buses to eliminate contact for operators and passengers. SunLine also requires that each passenger on every vehicle have their face covered while waiting at SunLine bus stops and while they are riding the bus. It is mandatory that all operators wear face coverings, as well, which can include bandanas, scarves, or other clothing that does not have visible holes. SunLine has been distributing face coverings to those who have indicated a need while onboard a bus.
SunLine has identified additional ways to help with social distancing on board the bus. Utilizing the myStop® Mobile app, riders can view the number of passengers on board the bus at any time.
“I’m proud of the Ride with Confidence campaign that our team has developed and the dedication of all our SunLine employees. Many of the Ride with Confidence elements have been implemented since the beginning of the COVID-19  pandemic,” said Lauren Skiver,
CEO/General Manager of SunLine Transit Agency. “SunLine has long had a focus on clean air and this campaign provides an opportunity to showcase how the Agency is clean both inside and out.”
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